Changing My Social Tittle

It’s true when they say that the least expected things happen at your least expected time in life. Love is not something that you find by searching for it, Love finds you when you least expecting it. And so I met a man named Risdan whom I fell deeply in love after that. He is so much like me; independent, adventurous and a thrill-seeker. In fact, he is much more than that. We got along really well and everything falls into place effortlessly. It was EASY. We became such a great team and decided to make the big step; we are officially husband and wife on November 15th 2015!


The solemnization ceremony was small and simple. We rather make it exclusive and that’s how we prefer it to be. There were only 80 guests combined, his and mine. Oh yes, limiting to 40 each was…tough. We both have big families and knowing the elders would want us to invite everyone to come, indeed it was not easy for us. But eventually, we still made it to 80. Haha!


Risdan and I are similar when it comes to getting things done. We like doing it by ourselves and not depending on anybody. So guess what? For the solemnization ceremony, we managed to do EVERYTHING ourselves, in less than three weeks. And because we are so used to doing things on our own, we didn’t really ask much from our closed families and friends to help in the preparations, not that we are not appreciative but in our mind we simply didn’t want to trouble anyone since it was a short period of time. Well eventually, it was a pat on our back that the ceremony went well according to plan. Nevertheless, our advice to future newlyweds, hire a wedding planner. It will definitely save you from all the chaos on your big day. Or at least, hire an assistant that could take over your tasks during the most crucial time of the event which is from the moment you’re getting ready and throughout the event. How are you able to do that when you’re in your wedding attire or still doing make up?


It is your wedding day, and you should be stress-free, calm and just look pretty! haha. Really. So on our coming reception, which we hope to we would be able to invite more guests, we’re definitely will work along with an amazing team + planner to pull off the wedding dream. Remember, TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. Risdan, we need a bigger team. Hehe.


Nonetheless, we did a great job! It was a precious moment shared with closed families and friends. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I love you, Risdan.








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The ceremony was magical. Thank you to those who made it possible.


Happy Valentine’s Day.


-Photos by Darren Chong Photography.

Arrivederci 2015!

Year 2015 has been a fruitful one for me. Fruitful, in terms of the amount of knowledge gained for this past one year. When I started up my company, it was all because of the gut I have and the passion towards running my own business. I was a lost soul, chasing my dream and understanding the industry at the same time. Of course, along the way I made mistakes and solved it. Experience is the best teacher and learning the hard way is always the best because we will never forget the heart ache and expenses that cost us.

Kuala Lumpur is now more familiar with the startup ecosystem that it’s becoming the hub for entrepreneurs across the region. Workshops and accelerator programs are easily available for anybody who has the interest or idea that they want to build. One body that worth a mention here is Malaysian Global Innovation Centre (MaGIC)! I attended tons of workshops and have learnt many things that is related to entrepreneurship and technology. From Investor Relations, Growth Hacking, Analytics, UX/UI to Design Development and many more. As a start-up founder, I believe one should know at least the basic of every element that make a start-up, from an idea, development, programming and growing the business before you get more people involved in your start-up. Besides, having extra skills will always give an added advantage. When you’re working in a startup, we bootstrap. We multitask A LOT, over and over again.

Early this year, I joined a pre-accelerator program by Alpha Startups. Not only that I gained massive amount of knowledge, I also made new friends. These people who are like-minded as me and been able to understand this journey that we are on. We were able to share the problems we faced and complimenting each other. It is a beautiful community yet engaging one.

It has been a great year for me. I’ve been applying what I’ve learnt thus far and I’m thrilled to grow and expand in this coming year. But meanwhile, I’m on an adventure with my husband travelling the globe. For how long? Maybe a year, maybe less. It depends. We’re going to meet more people, fill our bucket lists and definitely will have crazy amount of experience.

Click the pictures below for the links that FIQS/me made it into the media in 2015.

1) FIQS in Utusan Malaysia.

2) The Story Of FIQS in Vulcan Post.

3) The Unexpected.

That’s it for 2015, and say hello to 2016!

Happy New Year love!

XOXO from Venice.

Would You Join a Start-Up Team?

Forming a start-up is an incredible challenge, and one of the toughest tasks is assembling the team that will make it succeed. The reason? A fledgling business needs to balance two factors: 1) They don’t have a lot of money, and yet… 2) They need exceptional, diverse talent.

 A team member in a start-up can’t be an “employee.” It just doesn’t work. It’s because every person who is drawing a paycheck must be able to make decisions on the fly, change gears quickly, and wear many different hats. It’s never a simple matter of “clocking in and doing your job,” because your job encompasses every aspect of the company’s growth and success.

 That means the ideal start-up team member has a multitude of skills beyond their specialty, and soft skills in communication and leadership that allow them to function in a variety of capacities. Most importantly, the ideal candidate has an entrepreneur’s spirit: drive, passion, commitment, and the willingness to devote more than 40 hours a week to something bigger than a career.

 FIQS Shoes is looking for this type of person to join our team, and if every member of our team meets the above guidelines, we will be on our way to huge success! Are you up for this exciting challenge? Email me at




How to Care for Your Favorite Leather Shoes

Which woman doesn’t want her  favorite pair of shoes looking great as long as possible? It doesn’t matter if they are killer heels or comfy, foldable shoes, you must take proper care of them if you want them to serve you for many years to come. Here are a few useful tips that you can use in order to make your FIQS leather shoes stay comfortable and in good condition for many years.


One of the most important things to know before buying shoes is that leather shoes can – and sometimes even should- be a little tight when you try them on the first time. Why? The answer is simple. Since they are made of leather which breathes, it takes time for them to break and adapt to your foot shape. Each shoe can take a different amount of time to mold. If you simply  cannot wait until they adjust themselves you can always try to put on socks and your FIQS, then proceed to heat them up with a blow dryer or walk about the house in them.The temperature will help the leather to expand. Do this several times and this will ensure you that the shoes adjust to your foot shape. Never try to achieve the same effect by leaving your shoes by a heater, as this can cause significant damage to the leather.

Caring for leather shoes consists of two easy to follow steps: cleaning and creaming/polishing. For the cleaning part, in most cases it is enough to just use a soft damp cloth to get rid of any dirt. If the stains are more stubborn and water just isn’t doing the job, you can use special leather cleaning products. Afterwards, you should wait for about 24 hours, to make sure your shoes are completely dry. Then apply a special cream for leather shoes, which will help nourish the leather, leaving it glowing and restoring its softness. If you get your shoes wet just leave them to dry on their own. Leather absorbs moisture so it is just a matter of time before they are back to normal.

When it comes to shoes, leather is simply the best choice. Remember that we are always more than happy to help and ensure that you are comfortable in your favorite FIQS, so feel free to email us at







*I’m wearing FIQS Green Lean.

Photos by Ernest Tan.

Mitsubishi TVC 2015


Despite my busy schedule and travelling, I still find the time to do TV commercials or print ads. Provided if I’m around in town because most of the time I’m always away.

So here’s my first TVC for 2015. We shot this in January and it was on air before Chinese New Year. This was the most easiest TV commercial I did – fast and direct. But of course, like any other jobs, waiting time was the killer.


all we did was taking selfie…

Of course not. We’re not vain. :p

It is always nice getting to know new people, especially people from around the world. And now, I have friends who are from Kazakhstan and Iran.

Behind the scene:

I had to sit on a tar road on an alley surrounded by thugs pretty much about an hour or so.

I was terrified. Oh yes, I was.

Watch the clip.

Have a great week!


Valentine’s Day With Fiqs

Valentine’s Day has passed and I came up with a promotion for FIQS that was beyond the standard flowers and chocolates.  There’s nothing wrong with being classic, and most women appreciate a bouquet of long-stem red roses, but it’s also nice to get something a thoughtful, unique, and personalized gift from the heart.  So instead of giving default flowers, I came up with the idea for men to create customized cards for that special person in their life.  Men were given two different card designs to choose from and have their name printed on it.  The postcard-sized prints matched the shoe color and best part was it had no effect on the price.  It added a personalized feel to each order, and I absolutely love it when customers feel special.  So instead of giving flowers, give something that your loved one can keep.  Even better, give them something that will make their life whole lot easier – they can now swap for comfort when they’re out wearing high heels for hours.  How convenient is that?




Thank you guys who ordered FIQS for our Valentine’s special!


One Month Down

Most of us made some sort of New Year’s resolution and now is a great time to assess your progress thus far. So how are you fairing? Did you see more success or struggle in January? Are you still on your plan? Writing out a strategy is great but there has to be action to go along with it. Thankfully it doesn’t take much. A little persistence every day is your ticket to success. Every step you take towards your goals makes the next one that much less difficult, and the key is to hold onto the motivation you first felt when you made your resolution.

Think about why you chose your resolution in the first place. Was it something you’ve wanted to change for some time? Perhaps you want to make more money, or maybe you have a few extra pounds that need to go. Was it a skill you wanted to learn, or a habit you wanted to break? Whatever your resolution was this year, what was it that motivated you to choose this goal in particular? Once you have answered that question, you have everything you need to give you the fuel to persistently chase your goal every day.
Every change takes effort, and usually it takes time to begin seeing results. Be persistent. If you have a solid plan and you work hard then you will see your reward. Be patient.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get toned. My days are pretty full, but my desire to accomplish my goal is greater than my preference for any schedule. This is why I have been able to dedicate at least an hour to exercise every day. I do a core workout from home and I make time by going to bed at a reasonable hour and waking up one hour earlier than normal. It takes dedication, but not only do I feel accomplished when I’m done, I also feel fresh and productive at the start my day.
Just as important as your plan is your mindset. The first thing that has to go is your old excuses. When you repeat all the old reasons why you never accomplished your goals before then you’ve lost before you’ve even started. So find your motivation. I push myself by watching Victoria Secret fashion shows. Whatever it takes, but don’t procrastinate. If you aren’t sticking to your plan, then write down a list of what needs to be done and put it up where you can see it. Beside the list, hang a piece of motivation. It can be an inspiring picture or a quote that really speaks to you or a new outfit, but give yourself that daily reminder of what you promised you would accomplish this year.

Each small change creates a bigger impact later on, and the sacrifices you make today will pay off in the long run. I don’t enjoy waking up early, but every day I stick to the plan it gets a little easier. It was difficult at first, but now after a month I automatically wake up one hour earlier than I used to.

So stick to it. Chase your goals. Anything is possible, and you have everything you need to meet your goals. Keep at it, and good luck!




My Story Behind FIQS

Behind every fantastic travel, is a great pair of shoes, or two pairs, perhaps five pairs, you never know. In other word, every step of my travel is indeed a soleful one. I love them both, shoes and travelling, yet in each mile I travel, I faced either the potentially worn out shoes or ‘my feet are killing me’ moments. I resorted to carry extra shoes or slippers around, which proved to be tedious and inconvenient. There is no way I go barefoot after clubbing, shopping or sightseeing. This got me thinking, how do I go around looking good in my heels yet able to get comfortable conveniently should the heels began to feel unbearable? It was when I am in my last semester of University that I began to sketch out my thoughts and idea. Other than practical, compact and light to fit any handbags, I realized the shoes I really need cannot be too thin or it will be painful to walk in on rough or hot surfaced roads and paths, especially after all the sores from wearing high heels. Then the sole must be sufficient of soft and durable materials to cushion the feet for perfect comfort. Of course, I need to look good in it too! I have created a new foldable shoes and I fondly named it, Fiqs.


I started it off all by myself, and thankfully, with wonderful support and advices from people around me. What would I do without them? The first phase of Fiqs included tons of research, reading, factory sourcing and brainstorming. From factory hopping to understanding manufacturing processes; from trying out samples after samples to material choices – I am determined to make Fiqs the shoes with my standard of quality.


Leather being part of Fiqs’ design, the choice of leather is extremely important in perfecting Fiqs. I was present at each step of the production, beginning from the process of choosing the types of leather and the many different colors. A long line of samples and testing produced the final and marvelous outcome – the fully leathered Fiqs. Yes, I meant the whole shoes! The upper part of the shoes is made of finished leather, aniline leather is used to lined the inner sole and the outer sole is made of top grained leather. In addition to Fiqs’ features, now it is not only light, compact, flexible, comfortable and beautiful, but long lasting as well. Yes, Fiqs definitely have many walks in them.


There are great many wonders you can expect from Fiqs, why don’t you experience them first hand today at!








Pictures was taken in Hong Kong.


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Infrared Sauna


Have you guys heard of infrared sauna? Yes, INFRARED sauna! Things are getting more high-tech these days and I got to experience it last week! When I first heard about it, the first thing that came through my mind is, if this is safe? Don’t worry guys, it’s nothing like ultraviolet radiation (which gives you a sunburn and damages your skin) or atomic radiation (the kind from a nuclear bomb). When two people comes close to each other, they give out warmth right? That’s infrared. Our bodies radiate infrared energy out through 3 ~ 50 microns. Our palms emit infrared energy at at between 8 ~ 14 microns. Hence, palm healing was used as healing properties in China, India and Finland thousands of years ago. Today, the Infrared Thermal Systems are used by medical practitioners. Panels that produce similar infrared rays are used in hospitals to warm newborn babies. Infrared Thermal System has been tested and found to be free of such so-called “toxic” electromagnetic fields. The Swedish National Institute of Radiation Protection has concluded that the heaters in Infrared Thermal System are not dangerous. YAYYYYYY!

Infrared sauna is not as hot as the conventional sauna because 80% of the infrared energy is directly converted to heat within our bodies making it much greater depth and more efficiently. The energy output is primarily used to convert energy directly to heat in us and not to create excessively hot air which only heats the skin superficially. Due to this, it was actually easier to breathe and much comfortable. Not only that, I was able to read magazines and play with my phone. It was relaxing!

Infrared sauna also induce up to 2 – 3 times the sweat volume than a conventional sauna. Within 10 minutes, I was already drenched with sweat! My 30 minute session in the sauna, I burned about 900 calories that is equivalent to  9KM run. In a single session? Impressive huh. This Infrared Thermal System play a pivotal role in both weight control and cardiovascular conditioning. This would be valuable for those who don’t exercise and those who can’t exercise (those who are on a wheelchair and etc) and yet want an effective weight control and fitness maintenance program and the benefits of a regular exercise.

There are many health benefits attributed to infrared rays. These are the list of results by Dr. Yamajaki;

  • Burns: relieves pain and decreases healing time, with less scarring
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Low Blood pressure
  • Brain Damage: accelerated repair in brain contusions
  • Short-term memory improved
  • Cancer of the tongue reversed
  • Toxic Electromagnetic Fields: effects neutralized
  • Cerebral Hemorrhages
  • Auto Accident: related soft tissue injury
  • Arthritis
  • Gouty Arthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

It also helps for someone like me who has skin conditions. It is reported that eczema and psoriasis to have responded extremely well to infrared treatments. Scars and pain from burns or wounds are decreased in severity and extent. People who have acne problems, 3 or 4 treatments may open up their pores that have not functioning in years. It even work on keloids! It may be softened gradually by use of infrared systems.

Lastly, the one thing that I’ve always looking for solution to this problem, and infrared system is the answer to it! Getting rid off my cellulite! Cellulite is a gel-like substance made up of fat, water and wastes, which are trapped in pockets below the skin. An Infrared Thermal System can assist this condition, as profuse swearing helps clear this form of unwanted debris from the body. Due to at least twice the depth of heat penetration into cellulite combined up to 10 times the level of heating in these tissues, an Infra Therapist System can be significantly more effective than any conventional sauna.

With all the benefits of infrared rays, I don’t see why I shouldn’t do this regularly. On top of that, the price for one session is very reasonable and they have packages which gives you even better deal.

To experience the infrared sauna, click on the widget below to make your purchase…


A Hammam Spa Treatment For The Best Friend


Few weeks ago, I decided to bring my best friend, Aliana for a spa treatment in Hammam. She is 8 months pregnant now and I thought that it would be great if I could bring her somewhere that could help her unwind her and relax. Hammam would be the perfect idea since they also provide pre-natal service to those who are expecting. So. just what is Hammam? (If you’re wondering.. lol)

Hammam is a  Moroccan version of the Turkish Bath. The word ”Hammam” means ‘Spreader of Warmth’ in Arabic and has its origins deep in ancient Greek-Roman bathhouse culture. It’s a practice which has charmed and influenced thousands from different cultures throughout history. Since its inception, the Hammam has been a gathering place, to relax, socialise, build connections, even to do business, and to celebrate life events like bridal parties, baby showers and birthdays.”

I’ve heard of this place quite some time ago when I was in Publika and I’ve always been curious and wanted to try. Initially, I wanted to treat and bring my mom here, but ever since I went with Aliana, okay, the thought of bringing my mom to this kind of place is a big NO NO! I ain’t gonna see my momma naked in front of me!!!! Let me tell you about my Hammam experience.

It was the first time for the both of us, she didn’t know that this place existed until I mentioned to her about it. And boy, was I excited! Getting my body scrubbed! Hah! I bought the “Hammam & Gommage” and the “Aromatic Massage” package respectively for the both of us. You can click on this link here to see what packages they have to offer according to your Hammam needs. lol. “Hammam & Gommage” is their popular signature spa treatment that detoxifies, steams and purifies our body. Traditional Moroccan Black Soap are applied on our body by trained Hammam Therapists that prepares our skin for a vigorous exfoliating scrub from head to toe, with the skilful use of a traditional Hammam glove. Feel your cares melt away as your skin is gently sloughed of impurities as you are rinsed from head to toe, by bucket after bucket of delicious water.

If you’ve been to Publika, you would have never thought that such place like this existed. Publika is like any other conventional malls, except that it is full with hip cafes and trendy restaurants that attracts the younger generation. Hammam is located above the heart of Publika. We were awed by the lovely tiled space in the Moroccan styled architecture. It was simply beautiful and breathtaking. The atmosphere and the idea of a mall could suddenly change into a relax and tranquillizing place. The experience began in a lovely changing room where we were asked to strip, left nothing on our bodies except our disposable undergarment accompanied with the wrap of a robe. Then we continued our journey by proceeding to a room that felt like a cave because it was warm in a dome shape ceiling with three marble beds. We took off our robes and our undergarments later to commence the rubbing session. It felt awkward having someone showering and scrubbing you while you’re naked, but after a while, you kinda enjoy it! lol. I felt like a queen for a moment. It was slightly painful as the therapist scrubbed  all my dead skin away because it felt as if like my skin was peeling off. I could see the dead skin covering all over the marble bed as she scrubbed more and more, as it was still painful for me, I told myself to hang in there for a little while more. Aliana was enjoying every bit of her time there and suggested that this should be our routine once a month!

After approximately 45 minutes of scrubbing, showering and being hair washed by the therapists, we were wiped and wrapped with a robe and were guided to a lounge. We were then served with a sweet Moroccan tea accompanied with a plate of baklava. The fact that we were scrubbed at every inch of our body and soul (lol!), we have never felt so clean. Our skin is  smoother than ever.

We ended our spa journey with a 60-minutes aromatic massage by using a blend of precious Argan oil to release all tension with the combination of deep pressure applied and long rhythmic, gentle strokes at specific points. It was soooo good, it relaxes and soothes my body,mind and soul. It was such a stimulating and vitalizing experience that we would definitely come again. Why don’t you give it a try?