Paris with Love


While I was in London last month (May, 2013), I decided to go on a trip…to Paris! I took the flight from Heathrow Airport and landed in Charles de Gaulle Airport by just one hour plus.  When I arrived at the airport, I headed straight to the tourist counter to get what we needed for the whole trip like maps and sim card.  I also got the unlimited museum passes and three days passes for the public train because  it was so much easier to get it there,  no queuing needed or searching for the ticket booth. SO CONVENIENT!

But, it is only if you’re in Paris for museum trips because the ticket that was sold is UNLIMITED. Yes, no queue and all but we absolutely had no time to visit SO MANY museums. haha. As for the train, it was REALLY REALLY DODGY and dirty. It was also dangerous to get on the train after 10pm because the chances of you getting rob are very high (especially Asians). Taking a taxi wasn’t that expensive after all. Oh well, now we know.

I decided to stay in the Montmarte area where it is not so touristy spots. The only thing was, not many people can speak English. So you gotta know your way around. This area was built on the slopes of hill and not too far away from the city. I stayed at Hotel Lumieres, very clean, good services and at an affordable price! No complain!

This was taken when I was walking up the hill in Monmarte area

After checking in, I walked from the hotel to Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre.

The view of the city

The Heart of Basilica

One thing you must be very careful in the tourist spots are those black Africans who targets tourists and Asians especially. They tried to sell us like those friendship bracelet and next thing you know, we got mugged. 50 euros. Just like that. Anyhow, good thing we’re safe and not harmed by those pricks.

Since we got the three days passes, we moved around by train during the day and taxis at night. Next stop was supposed to be Moulin Rouge, but unfortunately, it was fully booked.

Moulin Rouge

I went online a month before the trip to buy the tickets and it was already sold out. This is a must show to go… But no luck for me. I only got the chance to take photos outside. Okay la. Can la.. Not so sad.
More important, was the Eiffel Tower! Again, I got our tickets online way ahead before the trip so that I don’t have to queue coz the line was just bloody ridiculously LONG. So its good to be prepared.

At the Eiffel Tower


I swear it was so freezing cold. Paris was about 15 degrees during the day and it was really windy. Imagine up there!

After Eiffel tower, I walked around Champs-Élysées to take more photos.

It was raining that night and COLDER!

I was there during the day too, which was the next day!

For this!


I also spent some time at the park in Parc des Buttes-Chaumont.

Lovely weather to be in the park

How nice to spend a day like this!

Not forgetting, the place that I had almost no time to go to before I head back to London. THE MUSEUM! haha. When you’re in Paris, you also must go and see The Mona Lisa which is located at the Louvre.


At the end of the entrance inside the museum

Macam pro

Despite all the unavoidable incidents that happened, it was REALLY a great trip. I had a wonderful time in Paris.

Au revoir!

Paris with love

Summer Came Late


Right after I was done with my final paper for last spring semester, I packed my bags and flew straight to London. Not even a day I spend my summer holiday here in KL. See how excited I was?


What I packed for my summer holiday to London, was of course, shorts, t-shirts and mostly summer dresses! I just could not wait to show off my dresses with that perfect weather. Not too hot and not too cold. Just nice! BUT NO. When I arrived in London, it was so COLD! I can barely feel the heat from the sun and it was nothing like summer! The temperature was about 14 degrees and sometimes down to 7 degrees. Gone la, how to go for picnic like that? People will be thinking what is wrong with this Asian if I insisted to go for a picnic.
The weather was unpredictable and a lil cuckoo. It can be sunny for a day and breezy cold the next day. So you really have to check on the weather forecast before you go out. But sometimes, it wasn’t that accurate. When it was about 16  degrees, I took the chance to wear one of my dresses. It was fine until a while later when the wind started blowing and it was FREEZING COLD! OMAIGOD!!! I had to bare with it till I got home and I told myself just forget about the dresses godammit! Hahaha.
After that, I knew I could not take the cold weather, I wore thermal inside, thick jacket and boots most of the days. There was this one time when everyone was wearing shorts and t-shirts, I was the only one wearing thick jacket and boots. And when I was wearing shorts, they were all wearing thick jackets. Asian sesat ni……


The sun started coming out only a week before my holiday ends. When I was JUST about to enjoy the weather! All this happened because the easterly and north-easterly winds that brings very cold air over the UK from northern Europe and Russia. According to the UK observations, an integral part of the negative phase of the North Atlantic Oscillation is a southwards shift of the North Atlantic jet stream, which acts to steer the storm track across southern Europe and the Mediterranean, away from its usual trajectory over the UK. So while the UK has been very cold, southern Europe and the Mediterranean has had unsettled and wet weather. In other words, its due to global warming and this are the effects of climate change on the weather.


Goodbye London.


I’m back!

Hi everyone! I’m starting my new blog here and no longer using What do you think about my blog? It was designed by my darling friend Haze Long! Thanks to her, I have a stylish blog than I had before! Also not forgetting, my fiancé who helped me a lot with this blog and encouraged me to start blogging again.

Let me update you bloggers about me. I still have short hair… Well, I tried keeping it long, and boy it was tough! gah. The need to trim it every month, the heat in Malaysia weather and it kinda annoys me time to time. But hey! I managed to keep it for about a year!

The longest hair length I managed to keep! haha!


After all that, I finally decided to cut my hair again for my birthday. Yes, I was probably already half way there for having a long hair, but heck it, I could not take it anymore.


Back to short!


Okay. Enough about my hair.

I still am a TVC talent. My recent exposure is Old Town White Coffee print ad, a TVC ad for Indonesia biscuit and Umobile TVC and print ad. On top of that, I’m still studying major in Marketing and Management and hooray! This is my final year! I’m so excited because to be honest, I can’t wait to just focus on work. I’m currently in London for my summer break and this weekend will be my last stay here. Boohooo.

I will update you more soon! Stay tuned!