Summer Came Late


Right after I was done with my final paper for last spring semester, I packed my bags and flew straight to London. Not even a day I spend my summer holiday here in KL. See how excited I was?


What I packed for my summer holiday to London, was of course, shorts, t-shirts and mostly summer dresses! I just could not wait to show off my dresses with that perfect weather. Not too hot and not too cold. Just nice! BUT NO. When I arrived in London, it was so COLD! I can barely feel the heat from the sun and it was nothing like summer! The temperature was about 14 degrees and sometimes down to 7 degrees. Gone la, how to go for picnic like that? People will be thinking what is wrong with this Asian if I insisted to go for a picnic.
The weather was unpredictable and a lil cuckoo. It can be sunny for a day and breezy cold the next day. So you really have to check on the weather forecast before you go out. But sometimes, it wasn’t that accurate. When it was about 16  degrees, I took the chance to wear one of my dresses. It was fine until a while later when the wind started blowing and it was FREEZING COLD! OMAIGOD!!! I had to bare with it till I got home and I told myself just forget about the dresses godammit! Hahaha.
After that, I knew I could not take the cold weather, I wore thermal inside, thick jacket and boots most of the days. There was this one time when everyone was wearing shorts and t-shirts, I was the only one wearing thick jacket and boots. And when I was wearing shorts, they were all wearing thick jackets. Asian sesat ni……


The sun started coming out only a week before my holiday ends. When I was JUST about to enjoy the weather! All this happened because the easterly and north-easterly winds that brings very cold air over the UK from northern Europe and Russia. According to the UK observations, an integral part of the negative phase of the North Atlantic Oscillation is a southwards shift of the North Atlantic jet stream, which acts to steer the storm track across southern Europe and the Mediterranean, away from its usual trajectory over the UK. So while the UK has been very cold, southern Europe and the Mediterranean has had unsettled and wet weather. In other words, its due to global warming and this are the effects of climate change on the weather.


Goodbye London.


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  1. Dylla Fadzil

    June 14, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    The last photo, OMG. cantik gilaaaaaa hihi

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