Eating right during Ramadhan



Malaysia is not only well known for the multi-racial country, but also many kinds of delicious food! Especially in Ramadhan month! Why? Because during fasting month, there is always bazaars in every district. And they sell tons of mouth-watering food! So many choices that I simply can’t decide what I want and I end up getting a lot of food just for myself. Greedy ey? :p


What should I get? There’s so many choices!!!

Roti Jala

Kebab anyone?





Nasi Tomato! OMG

Sotong bakar

Ayam bakar

Asam Laksa


My favourite, tepung pelita

I was outta ma mind

Yes, there are kinds of food that you simply cannot resist. But that doesn’t mean it’s alright to eat so much at one time or simply a lot! Let me share you some tips, that is also useful for our daily lives.

When we break fast, we tend to start by drinking or eating something sweet. Well, maybe because it quench your thirst, other than that, it does nothing to you but only adding up your calories count for the day! Sugary drinks may have hundreds of calories and they don’t make you any fuller. So it’s best to drink plain water or calorie-free drinks like tea. Eating something sweet, I meant by all those kuih-muih, it’s fine to have it once in a while, but not every day! I know it’s puasa month, but you gotta chill k. LOL. Start with fruits or dates which are inherently high with carbohydrates.

After a whole day of fasting, some of us are just so darn hungry, we head straight to the main course. Some, just take it slow and easy or 5 minutes break for praying after they’re done break fasting with drinks and dates. Well, for those who eats rice as high as mountain (or makan macam tak hengat dunia), take it easy and remember that your stomach is as big as your fist! Don’t expect to stuff 10 times that amount of food into it without negative consequences. Something many people don’t realize is that your stomach will stretch when you’re used to eating a lot. If you only eat small amounts of food at a time, your stomach won’t ever stretch out like it does when you gorge yourself on a big meal, and then, with a smaller stomach, it won’t take as much to make you feel full. You can do this by only taking small, right-sized portions of food onto your plate, and when you’re done with that, sit back and feel whether or not you’re still hungry. Give yourself 10 to 20 minutes. If you really are still hungry after that time has passed, take a tiny bit more. However, if you give your body time to signal your brain, you’ll find that you’re usually not still truly hungry.

Eat slowly and chew properly. Chew your food till it has turned mush. Even I have to remind myself that because I’m always on the go. Try to take small bites and chew 4-5 times. Remember that it takes 15-20 minutes for your satisfied feeling to get to your brain even if your stomach is bloated and regardless of how much you eat. Give your system time for the digestive and hormonal processes to take place so that the signal gets to your brain! Eating slowly helps to keep the amount of food you’re eating small until you feel the satisfied feelings.  It also prevents you from gorging yourself, and gives you more time to accurately reflect on whether your stomach feels full yet or not. It takes about a whole 15-20 minutes for your stomach to send the message to the brain that you are full, so you could be eating 15 minutes more than your body wants. Eating slowly prevents overeating and will get you satisfied with less calories without feeling hungry or deprived.

So there you go, eat right ya’ll!


We kinda went overboard. Lesson learned!

Selamat Berpuasa and stay healthy!


Eczema Attack

I have not updated my blog for weeks now nor do I go out to socialize with people. I’ve been suffering due to my eczema for about 4 weeks now. Eczema is a form of chronic inflammation of the skin. I have red patches of rashes from tip to toe,  itching and dryness, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking, oozing, and bleeding (ALL!!!!). My eyes are swollen pretty bad that I barely can open my eyes, my neck is the worse and also other parts of my body. No pictures taken because I’m simply not ready for that. This really affects my lifestyle, because with this condition, I just wanna stay home and hide from everybody. Then how am I suppose to work and meet people? And when I read or do my school work, I can’t concentrate and easily distracted because it ITCHES LIKE MAD!!!!

Eczema is believed to result from a genetic defect and weak immune system. I often get sick very easily. Eczema will permanently resolve by age 3 in about half of affected infants. In others, the condition tends to recur throughout life. Unfortunately, I have eczema since I was a baby and it seems like I will have this for a lifetime! It comes on and off, but this time is pretty chronic. The condition is not contagious and can’t be spread from person to person. There is no cure to it, just that I have to manage it with medical treatment and by avoiding irritants. By means, I have to avoid seafood coz I’m allergic to it. Trust me, I was trained since I was young not to eat seafood so, I have absolutely no cravings for any sorts of seafood. Well, I can only eat Salmon and cod fish. Seafood, no biggie. BUT, sambal belacan or asam laksa. I cried and beg my mom for it when I was a kid. Most malay food has  sambal belacan (contain dry chrimp) in it, and Asam Laksa, most of them is cooked with mackerel fish. Pretty sad case. Other irritants would be type of soap or lotions I can use, my type of soaps and lotions are those with no chemical and no foams. And these types of soaps and lotions are not cheap at all. Probably cost 4 times than any normal soap. I’m high maintenance NOT by choice. (Don’t know whether I should laugh or sob about it coz I spent so much just for my skin already!)

I can’t be feeling too hot or too cold, as it may cause an outbreak. Stress may cause the condition to worsen. OMAIGOD!!! How la?!

This is really suffering, I don’t think anyone understand how I feel unless you’re experiencing the same thing. I feel really low about myself at this moment that I just don’t want to do anything at all. It’s depressing. But I have to keep moving forward and be positive. I know by just sitting and crying won’t do a thing.

Yes, I’ve seen many doctors and specialist. They all gave me the same thing which is steroids. This is one thing, that I would much want to avoid. I’ve been taking this since I was a kid, it only helps for a while and it aggravates even more in future.  So, I had enough of that and chose to go for natural remedies. The only thing with natural remedies is that I have to be REALLY patient because it won’t work overnight, it will take about at least two months till you see the result. I’ve tried Chinese herbs but I kinda gave up coz of the boiling process. I do still take herbal supplements like Olivenol. I’m trying other methods that might help my eczema, I will blog about it after two months! I hope and pray this will be over soon.

I cannot give up!


The Making of Harry Porter


Let me show you the Warner Bros Tour London- The Making of Harry Porter!

Gosh… By just typing it out to tell you how it went, excites me! Yes, it was really that AMAZING!

The Entrance

I went there to see behind-the-scenes and experienced the magic that has gone into creating the most successful movie series of all time. The studio just recently open last year 2012 in March 31st. You have to pre-book the tickets in advance by selecting the tour times via or through approved operators. This place was quite far away from the city. It took me about an hour by train and few minutes from the train station to the studio by bus that the Warner Bros provided.

Getting in…..

Let’s get started!

Awww… Harry Porter’s room under the stairs right before we enter the studio….

Shall we begin?


I present you Hogwart’s Great Hall!

Pine house tables that were built for the movie


It felt as though I was in the movie…

Professor Gandalf

These are the real costumes that they wear on set…

Severus Snape

So fierce!!!

Hagrid! He was HUGE! He is portrayed as being 8 ft 6 in (2.59 m) in the movie. So that’s why only managed to capture his janggut….

Alastor ‘Mad Eye’ Moody



Which team are you in?






That was the 1st phase of the tour… As we enter there were a lot more stuff that made me awed. The tour could take up to 3 hours.

Chocolate bunny……………….


The vanity mirror

At the wardrobe set, I see many sentimental stuff. Like heart shape note or sticky notes… I can feel the fun they had on set while working together for months. Even for me, a one week shoot for a mini series (Khabar Cinta), we all bonded so well,  so close, we were like a family.

In Harry Porter’s dorm

The invisibility cloak! I want!


The invisibility cloak

The eagle to Professor Dumbledore’s office

Professor Snape’s Potions Classroom

I’m amazed on how the movie was made… the whole production team! It took them months to build the set and they were so precised on everything!!! WOW!

I love all their special effect props! Like the moving stirrer in the potion pot!


The animals that was in the movie was all trained…. Aiyo.. so cute laaaaa……

That was the 1st half. Then we walked out for F&B. It was freezing cold outside!

“Let’s celebrate with butter beer!”



We both shared a butter beer coz it was too damn sweet!

Erm… I can’t remember what this was >.<

Me on The Hogwart’s Bridge!!!

Here comes the other half of the studio. This part are all the creatures, monsters and  masks.


Shopping for wands?

Finally, the enormous Hogwart’s school model that can be viewed from two floors.

Hogwart’s school model

Hogwart’s school model


Hogwart’s school model

Before the tour ended at the Harry Porter shop, I walked through the wand shop….

Can you imagine that all the wand boxes were handmade?!

I didn’t get to buy chocolate frog or Harry Porter wand or the cape coz they was SO MANY KIDS queuing and buying like the whole entire shop. LOL.

Nonetheless, it was AWESOME! I love behind the scenes! I was totally intrigued by the whole entire production!