Eczema Attack

I have not updated my blog for weeks now nor do I go out to socialize with people. I’ve been suffering due to my eczema for about 4 weeks now. Eczema is a form of chronic inflammation of the skin. I have red patches of rashes from tip to toe,  itching and dryness, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking, oozing, and bleeding (ALL!!!!). My eyes are swollen pretty bad that I barely can open my eyes, my neck is the worse and also other parts of my body. No pictures taken because I’m simply not ready for that. This really affects my lifestyle, because with this condition, I just wanna stay home and hide from everybody. Then how am I suppose to work and meet people? And when I read or do my school work, I can’t concentrate and easily distracted because it ITCHES LIKE MAD!!!!

Eczema is believed to result from a genetic defect and weak immune system. I often get sick very easily. Eczema will permanently resolve by age 3 in about half of affected infants. In others, the condition tends to recur throughout life. Unfortunately, I have eczema since I was a baby and it seems like I will have this for a lifetime! It comes on and off, but this time is pretty chronic. The condition is not contagious and can’t be spread from person to person. There is no cure to it, just that I have to manage it with medical treatment and by avoiding irritants. By means, I have to avoid seafood coz I’m allergic to it. Trust me, I was trained since I was young not to eat seafood so, I have absolutely no cravings for any sorts of seafood. Well, I can only eat Salmon and cod fish. Seafood, no biggie. BUT, sambal belacan or asam laksa. I cried and beg my mom for it when I was a kid. Most malay food has  sambal belacan (contain dry chrimp) in it, and Asam Laksa, most of them is cooked with mackerel fish. Pretty sad case. Other irritants would be type of soap or lotions I can use, my type of soaps and lotions are those with no chemical and no foams. And these types of soaps and lotions are not cheap at all. Probably cost 4 times than any normal soap. I’m high maintenance NOT by choice. (Don’t know whether I should laugh or sob about it coz I spent so much just for my skin already!)

I can’t be feeling too hot or too cold, as it may cause an outbreak. Stress may cause the condition to worsen. OMAIGOD!!! How la?!

This is really suffering, I don’t think anyone understand how I feel unless you’re experiencing the same thing. I feel really low about myself at this moment that I just don’t want to do anything at all. It’s depressing. But I have to keep moving forward and be positive. I know by just sitting and crying won’t do a thing.

Yes, I’ve seen many doctors and specialist. They all gave me the same thing which is steroids. This is one thing, that I would much want to avoid. I’ve been taking this since I was a kid, it only helps for a while and it aggravates even more in future.  So, I had enough of that and chose to go for natural remedies. The only thing with natural remedies is that I have to be REALLY patient because it won’t work overnight, it will take about at least two months till you see the result. I’ve tried Chinese herbs but I kinda gave up coz of the boiling process. I do still take herbal supplements like Olivenol. I’m trying other methods that might help my eczema, I will blog about it after two months! I hope and pray this will be over soon.

I cannot give up!


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  1. Nigel Sia

    July 19, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    Oh bummer. Hope you get well soon.

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