The Making of Harry Porter


Let me show you the Warner Bros Tour London- The Making of Harry Porter!

Gosh… By just typing it out to tell you how it went, excites me! Yes, it was really that AMAZING!

The Entrance

I went there to see behind-the-scenes and experienced the magic that has gone into creating the most successful movie series of all time. The studio just recently open last year 2012 in March 31st. You have to pre-book the tickets in advance by selecting the tour times via or through approved operators. This place was quite far away from the city. It took me about an hour by train and few minutes from the train station to the studio by bus that the Warner Bros provided.

Getting in…..

Let’s get started!

Awww… Harry Porter’s room under the stairs right before we enter the studio….

Shall we begin?


I present you Hogwart’s Great Hall!

Pine house tables that were built for the movie


It felt as though I was in the movie…

Professor Gandalf

These are the real costumes that they wear on set…

Severus Snape

So fierce!!!

Hagrid! He was HUGE! He is portrayed as being 8 ft 6 in (2.59 m) in the movie. So that’s why only managed to capture his janggut….

Alastor ‘Mad Eye’ Moody



Which team are you in?






That was the 1st phase of the tour… As we enter there were a lot more stuff that made me awed. The tour could take up to 3 hours.

Chocolate bunny……………….


The vanity mirror

At the wardrobe set, I see many sentimental stuff. Like heart shape note or sticky notes… I can feel the fun they had on set while working together for months. Even for me, a one week shoot for a mini series (Khabar Cinta), we all bonded so well,  so close, we were like a family.

In Harry Porter’s dorm

The invisibility cloak! I want!


The invisibility cloak

The eagle to Professor Dumbledore’s office

Professor Snape’s Potions Classroom

I’m amazed on how the movie was made… the whole production team! It took them months to build the set and they were so precised on everything!!! WOW!

I love all their special effect props! Like the moving stirrer in the potion pot!


The animals that was in the movie was all trained…. Aiyo.. so cute laaaaa……

That was the 1st half. Then we walked out for F&B. It was freezing cold outside!

“Let’s celebrate with butter beer!”



We both shared a butter beer coz it was too damn sweet!

Erm… I can’t remember what this was >.<

Me on The Hogwart’s Bridge!!!

Here comes the other half of the studio. This part are all the creatures, monsters and  masks.


Shopping for wands?

Finally, the enormous Hogwart’s school model that can be viewed from two floors.

Hogwart’s school model

Hogwart’s school model


Hogwart’s school model

Before the tour ended at the Harry Porter shop, I walked through the wand shop….

Can you imagine that all the wand boxes were handmade?!

I didn’t get to buy chocolate frog or Harry Porter wand or the cape coz they was SO MANY KIDS queuing and buying like the whole entire shop. LOL.

Nonetheless, it was AWESOME! I love behind the scenes! I was totally intrigued by the whole entire production!


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