Women wearing high heels


A few days ago, Tuesday (17.09.2013) to be exact, I was invited to be a guest on a women’s talk show on national television (NTV7) called Bella. The topic discussed on that day was about women wearing high heels and the repercussion from it. I as a talent, wear high heels for long hours when I’m on set. What can I say, I’m also obsessed with heels! Besides me, Christine (a mother), Soraya (a yoga enthusiast) and Dr. Sam Hunter (a chiropractor) were also interviewed by Daphne Iking.

Most women that wear high heels often experienced discomfort on their lower back, knees and ankle. Well, this is all due to the pressure that is brought forward to the front of the feet while balancing body weight. This causes the body to be misaligned, thus in the long run this can cause severe lower back and leg pain. Dr. Sam, explained more about it and how it can be treated on the show. Do watch it here to know more about it, episode 181. I apologize as it is a hassle that you are required to register as a member, and the site takes a while to load.

Special thanks to my darling cousin Nawal for putting me up on the show! And for the photos!

I’m just too crazy over shoes….


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Baju Kurung Dress


I’m currently in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and this is an impromptu blog post. My dearest aunt gave me this beautiful baju kurung from Dubai and I decided to blog about it! My fiancé is not here with me on this trip, hence I’ll be taking my own photos! I guess this is the chance for me to write a post from my phone. Note that the photos were taken from Galaxy Note 2 and it was all taken by me (self-timer). So mind the angle because I’m really not good at taking photos.

Baju kurung is a traditional Malay wear for the ladies in Malaysia. What I have here with me now is a modern baju kurung. What I love about it, some of the modern baju kurung is so beautiful and stylish that I can wear it out as a dress. Well, not all, because some will really look weird. So you must choose wisely which you can wear out as a dress and which must remain as a baju kurung!

The details and cutting of this baju kurung is simply gorgeous!

Is it a YAY or a NAY as a dress?

Have a great Sunday!