Kinder Bueno TVC Malaysia 2013

Just few weeks ago, I was selected to be in a Kinder Bueno TVC shoot for Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand. Here’s a photo diary of a three day shoot!


Whenever it is a music TVC or dancing is involved, rehearsal is needed for the talents and extras few days before  the shoot date.  This one, was easy because it was freestyle all the way.

Shoot day 1


Make up started at 7am. Look at me, all chirpy and smiling.


Make up done, wardrobe changed and I was ready to go.


Here’s how the first set looked like. We were in an old mini bus. The first few rows of seats were taken out and they changed the mini bus to a funky bus! Kudos to the art department guys!


Grooovy! That’s Ryan, our main talent for Kinder Bueno and he was rehearsing his lines coz he had to lip sync to three languages, Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin. Initially he was asked to lip sync in Thai as well, but they cancelled it. God had mercy on you Ryan!


The buddies, Mozart, Tracey and me. Wake up Mozart! haha


We were all cramped in that mini bus, crews, talents and extras for at least good 5 hours. And oh not to forget, SPOTLIGHTS! It was like sitting in an oven, roasted!


And that was me after quite number of takes. Why? Coz I was starting to fall sick! Yes, first stay of shoot and I fell sick! Magnificent! My eyes kept tearing, I had running nose non stop and it was SO ANNOYING coz it ruined the make up god damn it!!!


The next location was at Lot 10 and we got there at about 3pm. It took about 2 hours for the crew to set up the set and I took the chance to take a nap. I was so sleepy that I fell asleep while seating. And I felt so much better after that!


While on set, there’s a lot of waiting. During these times, I either eat, sleep or read. I came prepared. LOL. My finals was right after this shoot, so I brought my notes for me to read. And yes, it happens ALL the time that I had to study on set. Nothing new for me.


That was pretty much it for day 1 and it ended at about 10pm.

Shoot Day 2


Call time: 6am. So I thought I would feel better the next day, and I thought wrong! My eyes was swollen and I needed more sleep.


I felt like dying. How to survive the whole day…….. X.x


At this point, I can’t just call in sick. They can’t find a clone to replace me. Instead, I just have to be strong and go through this like a champ! haha. Just put that smile on yo face!  Thanks to the power of make up, I don’t look sick at all. Damn cool right? But deep inside, I felt like crap!




All in! The client, production crew and talents! We waited for the sun to come out to have this effect.



This scene was taken at about 12pm so the sun was literally right above our heads. And on top of that, the spotlight was shining right at us. It was scorching hot.


It was challenging because dancing was involved, the BBoy dancers, skate boarders and the BMX guy had to do their stunts as well. Everything has to come in place in one shot. Although it was hot, takes after takes, we still manage to laugh at ourselves doing the same thing over and over again. Well, at least, among us.


After this hallway scene, shoot day 2 ended at about 830pm. Yay! I went back home to sleep ASAP and recharge! Praying hard that I will feel better tomorrow.

Shoot Day 3


Call time: 5am. My eyes stopped tearing and I felt SO MUCH better. Oh my god, it was a relieved. Now I can smile even more! Haha


Let’s blast it out!


“It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday”


Our happy faces when we got the fan blown to us for good 10 minutes… Haha


The hot seat.


Are you ready?


11pm: keeping track on how many scenes more to go.


Aaaaaand it’s a wrap! For me… Coz the rest of them had a print ad shoot the next day and I, had to sit for my final exam!


Introducing the Director for this TVC, Brad. It was the second time working with him, the first time was for Umobile and it’s always nice working with someone that has a sense of humour. Though he looked pretty serious in this picture. LOL


This is Wai, Assistant Director. Can you believe that the first time we worked together was when they were all still using film to shoot? Boy, that was ages ago!