Time Management & Self-discipline



A lil late, but, Happy New Year!


What did you guys do on New Years Eve? Did you go all out? Or did nothing at all?


Well, I had a nice dinner and then I went home snuggled in bed while watching movie during the countdown. Whaaaat? What happened to the party animal in me right? I guess I just got tired of being in the sweaty crowd and the noise… It’s agitating… Plus, the recovering part feels like it takes ages. Too much effort and waste of time! Well, I had too much fun, gone through that phase, so it’s okay for me to say that. haha


I’m sure by now you guys should know that I study and work at the same time to survive. I do plenty of jobs like TV commercials, print ads, direct selling, insurance agent and also used to work in an event company. Most of the time, working in the entertainment line requires me to work long hours. Like crazy long hours. Call time at 5am and the shoot will probably end the next day, yes, and that was Rexona. There are plenty more, but I cannot remember.


I often get questioned on how I did it and the answer is, good time management. I managed my time properly, that in a way I get to do MANY things in one week. I’m always on the go and I’m always busy. It really feels good to be productive. Here are some tips that I would like to share with you;


    • CARRY A PLANNER WITH YOU. A small one will do. I carry mine in my handbag everywhere I go!
    • JOT IT DOWN. Write down any appointments or to do list every time it came across your mind or when you set an appointment. So that you won’t forget! We’re humans, not robots. My planner is always FULL.
    • PLAN AHEAD. I usually plan my week every Sunday night. I occupied my planner with classes, appointments and etc. With this, I should know how my schedules are like for the week whenever any talent agency call me up and second, I won’t simply screw up my plans! :)


Three simple steps that could help you to be efficient. But not so simple when you don’t implement it. I can write whatever I want to do in my planner, like going to my class or workout. And in reality, I didn’t. I will only be lying to myself, and will get me nowhere. Thus, you also have to be discipline in order to be efficient. It’s not easy, so take baby steps and sooner you’ll get used to it.


As for me, I have goals to achieve, that keeps me going and motivating me at the same time. That’s simply because I want to do SO many things. Too ambitious sometimes. But, having goals is good! You should set your goals too! So that you know what you want in life, and that way, it will keep you on track!


And you know what? I just graduated (December 2013)! I did so many things, from having fun, partying, catching one plane after another, kept finding jobs to survive and yet, I did it. I wanted to give up so many times because I rather work and I needed the money but I kept going. It was tough and I’m damn proud of myself that I didn’t give up. It was emotional for me, that I wanted to cry so loud when I was going up on the stage to get the certificate during the commencement ceremony. Like a relief. But I just tear a lil and tried to force it back in.


All the hard work, totally worth it. I am now a graduate of  Bachelor of Science degree in double major.





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