Arrivederci 2015!

Year 2015 has been a fruitful one for me. Fruitful, in terms of the amount of knowledge gained for this past one year. When I started up my company, it was all because of the gut I have and the passion towards running my own business. I was a lost soul, chasing my dream and understanding the industry at the same time. Of course, along the way I made mistakes and solved it. Experience is the best teacher and learning the hard way is always the best because we will never forget the heart ache and expenses that cost us.

Kuala Lumpur is now more familiar with the startup ecosystem that it’s becoming the hub for entrepreneurs across the region. Workshops and accelerator programs are easily available for anybody who has the interest or idea that they want to build. One body that worth a mention here is Malaysian Global Innovation Centre (MaGIC)! I attended tons of workshops and have learnt many things that is related to entrepreneurship and technology. From Investor Relations, Growth Hacking, Analytics, UX/UI to Design Development and many more. As a start-up founder, I believe one should know at least the basic of every element that make a start-up, from an idea, development, programming and growing the business before you get more people involved in your start-up. Besides, having extra skills will always give an added advantage. When you’re working in a startup, we bootstrap. We multitask A LOT, over and over again.

Early this year, I joined a pre-accelerator program by Alpha Startups. Not only that I gained massive amount of knowledge, I also made new friends. These people who are like-minded as me and been able to understand this journey that we are on. We were able to share the problems we faced and complimenting each other. It is a beautiful community yet engaging one.

It has been a great year for me. I’ve been applying what I’ve learnt thus far and I’m thrilled to grow and expand in this coming year. But meanwhile, I’m on an adventure with my husband travelling the globe. For how long? Maybe a year, maybe less. It depends. We’re going to meet more people, fill our bucket lists and definitely will have crazy amount of experience.

Click the pictures below for the links that FIQS/me made it into the media in 2015.

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That’s it for 2015, and say hello to 2016!

Happy New Year love!

XOXO from Venice.