Changing My Social Tittle

It’s true when they say that the least expected things happen at your least expected time in life. Love is not something that you find by searching for it, Love finds you when you least expecting it. And so I met a man named Risdan whom I fell deeply in love after that. He is so much like me; independent, adventurous and a thrill-seeker. In fact, he is much more than that. We got along really well and everything falls into place effortlessly. It was EASY. We became such a great team and decided to make the big step; we are officially husband and wife on November 15th 2015!


The solemnization ceremony was small and simple. We rather make it exclusive and that’s how we prefer it to be. There were only 80 guests combined, his and mine. Oh yes, limiting to 40 each was…tough. We both have big families and knowing the elders would want us to invite everyone to come, indeed it was not easy for us. But eventually, we still made it to 80. Haha!


Risdan and I are similar when it comes to getting things done. We like doing it by ourselves and not depending on anybody. So guess what? For the solemnization ceremony, we managed to do EVERYTHING ourselves, in less than three weeks. And because we are so used to doing things on our own, we didn’t really ask much from our closed families and friends to help in the preparations, not that we are not appreciative but in our mind we simply didn’t want to trouble anyone since it was a short period of time. Well eventually, it was a pat on our back that the ceremony went well according to plan. Nevertheless, our advice to future newlyweds, hire a wedding planner. It will definitely save you from all the chaos on your big day. Or at least, hire an assistant that could take over your tasks during the most crucial time of the event which is from the moment you’re getting ready and throughout the event. How are you able to do that when you’re in your wedding attire or still doing make up?


It is your wedding day, and you should be stress-free, calm and just look pretty! haha. Really. So on our coming reception, which we hope to we would be able to invite more guests, we’re definitely will work along with an amazing team + planner to pull off the wedding dream. Remember, TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. Risdan, we need a bigger team. Hehe.


Nonetheless, we did a great job! It was a precious moment shared with closed families and friends. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I love you, Risdan.








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The ceremony was magical. Thank you to those who made it possible.


Happy Valentine’s Day.


-Photos by Darren Chong Photography.

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