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Mitsubishi TVC 2015


Despite my busy schedule and travelling, I still find the time to do TV commercials or print ads. Provided if I’m around in town because most of the time I’m always away.

So here’s my first TVC for 2015. We shot this in January and it was on air before Chinese New Year. This was the most easiest TV commercial I did – fast and direct. But of course, like any other jobs, waiting time was the killer.


all we did was taking selfie…

Of course not. We’re not vain. :p

It is always nice getting to know new people, especially people from around the world. And now, I have friends who are from Kazakhstan and Iran.

Behind the scene:

I had to sit on a tar road on an alley surrounded by thugs pretty much about an hour or so.

I was terrified. Oh yes, I was.

Watch the clip.

Have a great week!


Valentine’s Day With Fiqs

Valentine’s Day has passed and I came up with a promotion for FIQS that was beyond the standard flowers and chocolates.  There’s nothing wrong with being classic, and most women appreciate a bouquet of long-stem red roses, but it’s also nice to get something a thoughtful, unique, and personalized gift from the heart.  So instead of giving default flowers, I came up with the idea for men to create customized cards for that special person in their life.  Men were given two different card designs to choose from and have their name printed on it.  The postcard-sized prints matched the shoe color and best part was it had no effect on the price.  It added a personalized feel to each order, and I absolutely love it when customers feel special.  So instead of giving flowers, give something that your loved one can keep.  Even better, give them something that will make their life whole lot easier – they can now swap for comfort when they’re out wearing high heels for hours.  How convenient is that?




Thank you guys who ordered FIQS for our Valentine’s special!


Women wearing high heels


A few days ago, Tuesday (17.09.2013) to be exact, I was invited to be a guest on a women’s talk show on national television (NTV7) called Bella. The topic discussed on that day was about women wearing high heels and the repercussion from it. I as a talent, wear high heels for long hours when I’m on set. What can I say, I’m also obsessed with heels! Besides me, Christine (a mother), Soraya (a yoga enthusiast) and Dr. Sam Hunter (a chiropractor) were also interviewed by Daphne Iking.

Most women that wear high heels often experienced discomfort on their lower back, knees and ankle. Well, this is all due to the pressure that is brought forward to the front of the feet while balancing body weight. This causes the body to be misaligned, thus in the long run this can cause severe lower back and leg pain. Dr. Sam, explained more about it and how it can be treated on the show. Do watch it here to know more about it, episode 181. I apologize as it is a hassle that you are required to register as a member, and the site takes a while to load.

Special thanks to my darling cousin Nawal for putting me up on the show! And for the photos!

I’m just too crazy over shoes….


P/S: If you are looking for a chiropractor to seek for treatment, go look for Dr. Sam Hunter! His price is reasonable!


Level 6-2, Menara HSC,

No. 187, Jalan Ampang,

50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Tel: +60327880312

I’m back!

Hi everyone! I’m starting my new blog here and no longer using What do you think about my blog? It was designed by my darling friend Haze Long! Thanks to her, I have a stylish blog than I had before! Also not forgetting, my fiancé who helped me a lot with this blog and encouraged me to start blogging again.

Let me update you bloggers about me. I still have short hair… Well, I tried keeping it long, and boy it was tough! gah. The need to trim it every month, the heat in Malaysia weather and it kinda annoys me time to time. But hey! I managed to keep it for about a year!

The longest hair length I managed to keep! haha!


After all that, I finally decided to cut my hair again for my birthday. Yes, I was probably already half way there for having a long hair, but heck it, I could not take it anymore.


Back to short!


Okay. Enough about my hair.

I still am a TVC talent. My recent exposure is Old Town White Coffee print ad, a TVC ad for Indonesia biscuit and Umobile TVC and print ad. On top of that, I’m still studying major in Marketing and Management and hooray! This is my final year! I’m so excited because to be honest, I can’t wait to just focus on work. I’m currently in London for my summer break and this weekend will be my last stay here. Boohooo.

I will update you more soon! Stay tuned!