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Happy 1st Birthday My Little Lady

      Days seem slow but a year flew by just like that. I remember the days I got excited about the pregnancy, reading all about growth and development of this little human in me. Little did I know, what comes after are far more intricate than I thought it should be and I shouldn’t just focus on pregnancy. But there is no way to know what it’s like to have a child until you have a child. You might think you do (I certainly did), but until you are on this side of the fence, you just don’t know. Furthermore, each individual is different, you will never know what to expect until the day comes.

This past year transition to being a parent is a whole new world. I’ve grown and developed so much more rapidly in a year of motherhood than I have in any other span of 365 days. I’m sure the memories of this first 12 months will quickly fade as we move onto the next steps of parenthood, so I’m writing these down.


To my beautiful daughter on her very first birthday:


I’ll never forget the day we brought you home; it was exciting and yet pretty terrifying because you couldn’t stop crying. At the same time, breastfeeding was the worst nightmare. I had no idea what I was doing and I had no idea what being a mother truly meant. My, how quickly things have changed.

We both grew together over the past year. You learned many things, and I learned many things. Most of all, you taught me more than I taught you. I never understood what unconditional love meant until I had you.


And here you are, one year old – a thriving, beautiful baby girl and you’re bigger than life. And I love you more than life.

For the past year, you’ve been my biggest worry and my biggest happiness. I stayed up at night researching things so I could always provide the best for you, and we spent every day together – laughing, dancing, singing and exploring this world, together.

  • When I first heard your cry, it was bold and loud. I knew from that moment you are strong, courageous, and valiant.

  • Despite a rough start in breastfeeding, you learned to nurse, and I quickly learned everything there is to know about milk supply, nursing positions, latching, and pumping. I’m glad I didn’t give up because it’s easy breezy after we passed that phase. You are still being breastfed up till today even though I told myself I would consider stopping once you turned 1. Mainly because how it has caused my eczema to flare up; the worst I have ever encountered in my life. I have yet to decide when to stop.

  • You learned to roll over, and I get super excited.

  • You learned to smile, laugh, and coo; and I learned that your laugh and cooing was my new favorite sound in life.

  • You learned to scream and I learned that you were a girl who knew what she wanted.

  • You only sleep on my shoulder for the first few months, I couldn’t even go to the loo. It was crazy but I’m glad we passed that phase. Everything is a phase and I try to remind myself that. Nothing lasts forever.

  • You learned to sit up and realized the view is better this way; putting your diaper on is like a battle every single time.

  • You learned to crawl and I learned that nothing could ever get in your way; you were on a mission, always.

  • I showed you the ocean, and you crawled straight into it – fearless, with purpose…you taught me that you have the heart of a lion.

  • You learned by observing and I learned you were one smart cookie.

  • You learned to climb almost anywhere you could possibly climb, and I learned not to worry so much, my strong baby girl.

  • And you and I have many, many more years of learning together, my love. You will learn so much more in life, and I will learn how to support you through each step.

  • We did it, Arya Alexandria – we survived the first year. Thank you for the lessons, the laughter and changing me forever – you’re everything.

Happy 1st birthday my sweet darling.


I love you with all my heart and soul,


1st sit up assisted at 2 months old


1st outing with just you and me at 3 months old

1st solids at 6 months old


Your 1st flight was to Bali at 6 months old


This photo is too beautiful not to post despite the bluriness

Our 1st Raya

1st Mother’s day


1st time being wrapped around mommy’s back

1st indoor playground at 8 months old

At 9 months old

1st time in the jungle at 10 months old


1st painting at 11 months old


Almost full set of front teeth at 12 months old!



Hello Food & Hello Cot!


This is a long overdue post. The only time off I have to update this blog is at night when my lil lady has gone to bed. But that little time off is so precious, I’d rather do nothing and not move at all (not even to the loo). Being a full-time mom with no help requires dedication in multitasking. I am still managing FIQS while a new brand called Funky Pencils was born. Phew! So, by the time the sun goes down, I’m already exhausted.


Months passed by, and I better update this blog before she turns five. LOL


Six months old
Here’s the initial introduction of solid food to Arya! I was excited and nervous at the same time. Nervous that I can’t keep up since Arya is still breastfed. She is also being deeply attached to the point that when I was breastfeeding her to sleep, she won’t let go off my teat even after she fell asleep. If I let go, she’d be wide awake, and I wouldn’t be able to put her back to sleep. Day after day, and night after night. It was agonizing for first time mothers like me, but I know I had to find a way to endure this precious moment being a mother to a child.


So, the only time I can I find to prep the meals is during the weekend when I have her father at home. Literally, I would have two hours for each time when she is awake to prepare the following week’s meals for Arya and myself before her next feeding time. And if I didn’t manage to prepare on time, I have to continue after her nap again. Same cycle, every weekend.







Introducing solids to Arya was interesting for the both of us. The key here is not giving up when she didn’t like it. Well, obviously to babies the first taste will always new to their taste buds and weird at the same time. Just like how I used to hate peanut butter. Eventually, after third and fourth attempt, she started to enjoy it. The satisfaction and joy are priceless, especially when she has a big appetite for the meals coming out from my very own kitchen!


When she hits six months, I also decided to sleep train her because I can no longer bear sleeping like a wood log unable to move a single inch because my teat is in her mouth. It’s not a quality sleep for her and me.


I did my research and read “Healthy sleep habits, happy child” by Marc Weissbluth, and the book helped me tremendously on how to sleep train her. The first few nights were heart-wrenching; she actually cried for about an hour before she fell to sleep. And in that period, ignoring her weeping is not an enjoyable moment to a young mother. I felt like I am being cruel to my baby. But you know what, we both needed that quality of sleep. It was for her own good.





Seven months old
I read about baby led weaning (BLW) and gave it a try. It was pretty simple where all I had to do was steam it; no puree needed. The only extra work was cleaning up her mess. With BLW, she is able to feel different textures of food at the same time she was learning to grasp and feed herself. This is significant for her gross motor stability. Explore the world with all your senses baby!





In the long run, the ultimate goal is for us to be able to gather around the table at mealtimes with everyone enjoying the same food. No picky eater in the house. Fantastic! But the sad news is that she’s not gaining the right amount of weight (below average according to her growth chart). Therefore, I still have to feed her while she feeds herself.


Sleeping updates: I’m proud to say that she’s already sleeping in her own room. Sleep training was the wisest decision I’ve made coz if I were to wait till she is a bit bigger, it would have been tougher to sleep train her. The best age would be four months old before she knows how to protest. The rule here is to be consistent and persistent. Allowing her to cheat even one day will ruin everything and all that effort will go down the drain. That ain’t gonna happen!




Eight months old
As she gets older, her growth rate becomes slower; that means her appetite will also be smaller. I have to accept that she’s not a big eater and remind myself not to push her limits. As long as she’s healthy and happy, that should be enough. Do you agree?


Sleeping updates: Sleeping pattern changes every month for babies. This time, she no longer takes her last nap, which makes her waking time longer (from a two-hour gap to a three-hour gap before her next nap). Although she sleeps on her own at night, I still breastfeed her to sleep during the day. I actually don’t mind being glued to her simply because this sticky lil baby won’t be sticky forever. I have come to accept that I cannot run errands or do any work other than paying 110% attention to Arya.







What I’ve learned from the past eight months is not to be a perfectionist when it comes to taking care of a baby. Everything won’t go as planned, and I should just take it easy. Sounds simple but I will do my best.