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A day in China Town, Kuala Lumpur



Few weeks ago, I decided to do a combination of street and fashion photography in China Town, Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur. I took the LRT and stopped at the Pasar Seni station because it’s rather more convenient than to find a parking spot. Petaling street is just a walking distance from the station, so it’s easy. And besides, you get to see more things when you walk. But always be aware with your surroundings, especially when you carry a handbag. There’s always cases where motorcyclist snatch your handbag or even your mobile phone (while you are busy talking on the phone). My advise is to walk the opposite direction of the traffic. That way you can see what’s approaching you.

I don’t mean to scare you by telling all this. Just be alert.



In china town, there’s a variety of stuff from imitation goods to street food. You can get LV bags, Fendi shades or even Tory Burch shoes at a very cheap price when you bargain your way through. Most street food here are non halal, so we cannot tell you if it’s great or not. But one thing you cannot miss when you do come here, is the ‘air mata kucing’. Its da BOMB I’m telling you!


What is ‘air mata kucing’? It’s a drink that is made of winter melon (tong kua), monk fruit (lo han kor), dried longan and sugar. You can either have it cold or warm. I like it cold to quench my thirst in this hot sunny weather.


Petaling street is a tourist spot, so it can be really crowded here sometimes.


One thing in Malaysia, drivers don’t stop even when you’re on a zebra crossing. Even if the traffic light is green for you to walk, you still need to look left and right before you cross. Crazy right? I know.


Run for your life.


As I was on my way back to the station, I stopped by at the Central Market / Pasar Seni. If you’re looking for souvenirs or local artwork, you definitely can get pretty awesome stuff here. It’s just few metres away from Petaling street.



That’s it!

Roaming around Petaling street.





Photos by Huss Zulkifli

Boracay Dreamtrip 11-16 October 2013



I have not blogged for a while now because I’m occupied with so many things! School assignments, in the midst of moving to my new house and also building my own business. Yes, stay tuned to see what I’m currently working on. SUPER BUSY. Despite all that, I always make time to travel. Oh I love travelling. Especially now I’m in Worldventures, I TRAVEL MORE!


About a month ago, me and my best friend, Aliana went on our first dreamtrip, which was to Boracay! I’ve always wanted to go there for their cliff diving. Damn I was so excited, I am still, and I cannot wait to show you all the fun and exciting photos!


It was an amazing trip! We stayed at Boracay Regency Beach Resort & Spa, 5 star hotel inclusive of Island hopping by sailboat, a guide and lunch, daily breakfast and exclusive dinner for US$339 per person. For this trip, I only spent about US$750  (hotel, airfare and some shopping). I’m a happy girl!!! Not only that I got the best deal, I also met new friends from all over the place! I really had a great time :’)


Dreamtrip #1 and more to come!