I’m back!

Hi everyone! I’m starting my new blog here and no longer using missfiqa.blogspot.com. What do you think about my blog? It was designed by my darling friend Haze Long! Thanks to her, I have a stylish blog than I had before! Also not forgetting, my fiancé who helped me a lot with this blog and encouraged me to start blogging again.

Let me update you bloggers about me. I still have short hair… Well, I tried keeping it long, and boy it was tough! gah. The need to trim it every month, the heat in Malaysia weather and it kinda annoys me time to time. But hey! I managed to keep it for about a year!

The longest hair length I managed to keep! haha!


After all that, I finally decided to cut my hair again for my birthday. Yes, I was probably already half way there for having a long hair, but heck it, I could not take it anymore.


Back to short!


Okay. Enough about my hair.

I still am a TVC talent. My recent exposure is Old Town White Coffee print ad, a TVC ad for Indonesia biscuit and Umobile TVC and print ad. On top of that, I’m still studying major in Marketing and Management and hooray! This is my final year! I’m so excited because to be honest, I can’t wait to just focus on work. I’m currently in London for my summer break and this weekend will be my last stay here. Boohooo.

I will update you more soon! Stay tuned!